It should go without saying that service providers deserve to be treated with the same consideration and respect that you'd give to a friend. If you reach out to someone in regards to a service they provide, it is only common courtesy to follow through with the conversation. If you inquire about scheduling and other details, going back and forth multiple times, and later realize that you cannot go through with an appointment, then please just say so. If you contact someone with questions, and they answer you, the next thing to do is answer them back.

Disappearing before concluding the conversation is rude. "Ghosting" people isn't just rude, it's incredibly disrespectful. In a world seemingly filled with rude and disrespectful people, ask yourself if you want to be one of them. I will always give priority and extra-mile service to clients who treat me with respect and courtesy, and who follow through with what they say they're going to do. "Ghosting" is unacceptable behavior to me and will get you banned from enjoying the service in the future, because I will remember. ;-)